A new dawn for the next generation of reusable packaging management, safe, smooth and without manual intervention.

We are pleased to announce that the era of QR codes is now over and we present a new generation RFID (Tap) solution.


Everyone knows it, everyone can do it and most people do it allready, now it's time to start blipping food packaging!

You just tap the package with your smart phone!


Tap your package with Blippie, and its all done, thats so simple and smooth!


Getting started is very easy

Advanced technology makes it simple to use and install. Just add electricity and wifi, and you're good to go!

Register with a TAP

as a new user by swiping your workplace access card or taps their package using NFC with their smartphone.

TAP to


The product ID number together with the restaurant customer number is reported into to the system.

TAP to


The customer taps  the package on Blippie. and Blippie indicate that the package has been correctly returned and the package ID number together with the restaurant customer number is reported to the system

And more


Connect Blippie with smart bins, Blippie tells the bin to open, when the package is put in the bin, the display turns green and the customer's package is registered as returned in Blippie.

If you have a large turnover of reusable packaging, Connect Blippie sensors can be placed on counter trays and then when the packaging is placed in the tray, it is blipped and registered as returned in Blippie.

It's that simple

This is how it works

Freshmark delivers RFID tags and the Blippie ready to use

  1. Attach the RFID tags to your mugs, packaging or whatever. Freshmark delivers RFID tags pre-programmed with your specific information and uniqueID. 

  2. Freshmark prepares your Blippie and it´s delivered ready to use, connect it to power and WiFi, done! Tap your RFID tags into Blippie and it will be transmitted to your system.

  3. What else... no that's it, contact us to get started today! (This would actually be step number one.)

What's in it for U?

Everybody can do something

The package being returned does not have to be linked to the person making the return, a deposit system, collecting credits or money.

Easy barrow

Easy to borrow package by "tap" your smartphone against the tag.

Self-playing piano

Returns are made automatically by the customers themselves. Reduced handling for staff, the package can be logged with both RFID HF (NFC) and QR code which minimises the risk that the product cannot be logged.

Designed to fit in

The colour of Blippie is adapted according to your wishes, e.g. according to the graphic profile.

Allways available

 Blippie is connected to Wifi, when offline, the data is saved in the queue and reported in your Reusable packaging system

when the return system is back online.


Accessible and the latest technology, NFC is now available in all smartphones and tablets.

Easy to return

Super easy to leave packages by placing the packages on Freshmark rotation station, the plate lights up and and emits a sound signal, it's done!

Screen with video contents

Blippies screen can be customized with video content, advertising or information.


Safe and secure

When the product is placed on the plate, only the necessary data is sent up by an encrypted URL to your system.


Freshmark customises Blippie according to packaging and purpose

One supplier

Freshmark delivers, RFID tags, implementation and Blippie everything you need.



Blippie - No1 are left behind

Blippie No1 are left behind, is small, fits in everywhere and very easy to use, both with NFC and QR codes!

It is just that

1. Tap (Blipp in Swedish)

2. Drop

3. Confirmed!

Blippie - Festival lover

Launch summer 2024!!!


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