Freshmark's Blippie

In 2024, Freshmark will launch a brand new solution to simplify and modernise the circular management of food packaging in rotation systems with a combination of HF RFID-NFC  tags and API. AlI i one station, Blippie! (or Tap station if you want.)

Tap in and Tap out, it doesn't get any easier!

Freshmark supplies customized RFID tags, and a Blippie for hyper-simple, registration, barrowing and return process in your circular reusable takeaway system.

Blippie is completely independent of which packages you want to include in the rotation system, you choose yourself!

Welcome to Freshmark Sweden AB, your partner in the restaurant industry. With Blippie, it will be easy for you to switch to RFID technology. A smooth combination of QR codes and RFID readers facilitates the transition for you and your business.

How about Blippie?

One station for registration and rotation, can you

belive it!?

Blipp is the Swedish word for Tap hence the name Blippie, Blippa in, drop and the package is registered :-)

Blippie is small, takes up no space and is very flexible!

1. Tap

2. Drop

3. Confirmed!

Blippie can be built and customised to customer requirements and can be integrated with other features, contact Freshmark with your requirements.

Blippien is completely independent of which packages you want to include in the rotation system, you choose yourself!

Getting started is very easy

Advanced technology makes it simple to use and install. Just add power and wifi, and you're good to go!

Tap to register  

as a new user you tap your workplace access card or taps their package using NFC with their smartphone.

Tap to


The product ID number together with the restaurant customer number is reported into to the system.

Tap to


The customer taps  the package on Blippie. Blippie indicate that the package has been correctly returned and the package ID number together with the restaurant customer number is reported to the system

And more


Blippie with smart bins, Rotation station tells the bin to open, when the package is put in the bin, the display turns green and the customer's package is registered as returned in Blippie.

If you have a large turnover of reusable packaging, connect Blippie sensors can be placed on counter trays and then when the packaging is placed in the tray, it is blipped and registered as returned in Blippie.

There are many good reasons to use Blippie

How about the labels?

Freshmark specializes in labeling food and has a large variety of different varieties. Instead of tiring you out by mentioning them all, we report the latest one below. 

  • RFID NFC Tags in quantities with different sizes and areas of use
  • RFID NFC tags made in 100% paper!
  • RFID NFC Tags that are permanent and can be washed in a dishwasher.

  • Dissolvable labels, white or pre-printed in full color

  • Removable labels that can be easily peeled off, white, transparent or with four-color printing

All RFID tags can be delivered pre-printed with unique ID numbers. The ID numbers are the same on the QR code and the RFID tag for a smooth transition to 100% RFID.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in RFID tags, custom labels or "regular labels"



Labelling Systems and Software Solutions for Takeaway Businesses

Since 2016, Freshmark has been supplying labelling systems, dietary data software, and label printers to kitchens, restaurants, and cafés across Sweden. Our mission is to provide high-quality solutions for efficient and accurate food labelling, helping businesses deliver fresh and safe takeaway options to customers.

In 2024, Freshmark will launch a completely new solution to simplify and modernize the circular reusable takeaway system with a combination of HF RFID-NFC tags, QR codes and API. AlI in a station, Freshmark’s rotation station! 

Go and read more about Freshmark Labelling systems and Dietary data systems

Are you not a techie hipster? 

Freshmark provide you with a quick, flexible and self-running Blippie

Returns are made automatically by the customers themselves. Reduced handling for staff, the package can be logged with both RFID HF (NFC) and QR code which minimises the risk that the product cannot be logged.

Freshmark´s mission

Make it easier and more flexible to use reusable packaging.

Blippie can be used just as well together with your reusable takeaway system

that you are connected to today or if you have your own rotation system  and you want to make borrowing and returning even easier for your customers with a Freshmark rotation station.

Why choose Freshmark

Freshmark has long experience of working in the restaurant industry and knows that the demands are very high on speed, quality and functionality. Requirements that we are used to working with and fulfil successfully.

Freshmark can deliver an end-to-end solution for circular management of food packaging or connected to your existing reusable takeaway system 

Blippie can be used for everything you want to  register, track and follow up. Trays, food boxes, coffee mugs, or employees :-)

Don´t be shy, contact Freshmark today!

Are you not yet connected to a circular reusable takeaway system? Contact us and we will connect you with one of our partners.

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